Option 1: Customers buy directly at 2 shops in Tokyo Shinokubo Station and Akihabara Station at the following 2 addresses:

Option  2: Customers order throught the shop’s facebook fanpage:

Ø  Japan Shop Akihabara :

Ø  Japan Shop

Ø  Hàng Nhật-Japan Shop Co., Ltd

Ø  Japan Wifi & Mobile- Mobile Sim-VJ Connects Co., Ltd :

Customers who want to buy products can directly message one of the above pages, there will have customer service to support customers 24/7.

Option  3: Customers order on the company’s website:

Customers can access the website at the following link:, view and order products on website.


Customers who buy at Japanshop can pay in 3 ways:

1.      Customers who buy direclty at the shop will receive a discount on transportation fee (the amount is deducted directly from the product price)

2.      Customer who pay the bill by transfer money in advance will ship for free (free ship) across Japan. Accept for airpod headset, ship letter pact fee is 520 JPY, simdata letter pact delivery fee 370 JPY.

3.      Customers who choose delivery method COD (Daibiki) delivery service from poster workers: products cost + delivery fee 1500 JPY.

Information about Janpanshop’s payment account:


Japanshop sincerely apologizes to customers if the product is defective, you have to take it for warranty.

Here are the warranty regulation at Janpanshop:

Case 1: For new product: 

Warranty policy: 1 year standart Apple warranty.

Warranty according Apple Store’s warranty policy:

Ø  Defects determinded to be caused by the manufacturer will be covered by the warranty.

Ø  User-defined defects will not be covered by the warranty

Ø  Shop cannot decide the warranty period but depends on the Apple Store

Ø  When you receive old product, you must check the product form immediately. If it not the iteam that you ordered, you must immediately report it to the shop to confirm. We don not accept complants the next day.

Specific warranty at Japanshop:

Ø  The product must be within the warranty period. The IMEI number of the device must be purchased from the shop.

Ø  The product must be intact, not repaired or replaced by components other than Apple Store.

Ø  The product with hardware defects within the Apple Store’s warranty will be entitled to a 1 to 1 exchange during the warranty period without any additional costs.

Ø  If there are the following defects, the warranty will not be covered by 1 to 1 exchange: Home button, Volume Button, iSight Camera, Recevier, Vibe Motor, Speaker, Battery,… Defected products in the above ranges are still covered by warranty in the form of replacing genuine new components from Apple.

Ø  You can bring it to Apple for warranty or send it to the shop and shop will take it for warranty

Ø  The time to send to the Apple Store for warranty is done if fast is 2-4 days, but if the error is difficult to identify is usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Ø  Except for some cases if the device falls or falls into the water, Apple will not provide warranty, but if you need to change a new device, Apple Store still has price support policy

Ø  If Japanshop discorvers that customer is dishonest in the warranty issuse and intentionally drops the device into water or liquid for warranty purpose, the Apple Store will definitely detect and refuse the warranty and terminate the warranty for that device. In this case please pay the delivery cost and transportation cost.

Cases not covered by warranty:

Ø  The device is not intact, determined to have been opened, replaced, repaired or has 3rd party repair intervention

Ø  The device has sign of falling to the ground, impacting with hard objects, causing the device to be deformed: detent, wraped, convext, scratched, broken, cracked,… The sreen shows no signs of compression, water absorption, short circuiting

Ø  The device is penetrated by liquid such as water or chemicals, causing the device to become damp, moldy, rusty, causing the purple litmus paper inside the device to change color

Ø  The screen is pressed by a heavy object causing streaks and ink spills

Ø  Dead spots appear due to aging components during use

Ø  Iphone/Ipad locked by customer’s Apple icloud account

Ø  Touch ID – Face ID has the sign of water damage during use

Ø  The accessories supplied with the product are not covered under warranty. For example: give away promotional products, some accessories such as battery, chargers, cables, headset

Case 2 : For old product:

1 month warranty